Child Abuse Units

The CA&SCS is comprised of Child Abuse Units that investigate sexual abuse, serious physical abuse or extreme neglect of children aged under 16 years in accordance with set criteria.

In addition to providing a 24/7 state wide response to the above matters, CAUs also provide advice and/or assistance to Policing Commands & Specialist Sections.

Joint Referral Unit (JRU)

The JRU operates in conjunction with staff from Family and Community Services (FaCS) and NSW Health. The JRU assesses referrals received via the FaCS  Child Protection Helpline to determine whether they meet the criteria for CAU response or alternatively should be referred to a policing command for further investigation.

Investigation Teams

The CA&SCS also consists of a number of investigation teams who are centrally located which provide a major crime response to allegations of child abuse and serious sexual offences that are protracted, complex and require a high- level specialist response.

They also conduct proactive investigations into high risk offenders and provide on-call advice and/or assistance to policing commands and specialist areas on a 24/7 state wide basis.

The Child Exploitation Internet Unit

The Child Exploitation Internet Unit investigates the sexual exploitation of children, which is facilitated through the use of the internet and telecommunication systems.

The Child Exploitation Internet Unit (CEIU):

  • Maintains professional networks with other State, National and International Law Enforcement bodies and external agencies involved in the investigation of computer facilitated sexual exploitation of children.The CEIU also provides a Help Desk service.
  • Conducts both proactive and reactive investigations to identify persons utilising the internet to groom and procure children for sexual exploitation
  • Conducts investigations into the production, dissemination and possession of images of child sexual exploitation (child abuse material) facilitated by the internet and telecommunication systems.
  • Coordinates the NSW Police response to matters relating to child sexual exploitation referred from external law enforcement agencies.
  • Provides assistance, specialist advice and technical support to State Crime Command and Local Area Commands relating to the investigation of child sexual exploitation facilitated by the internet or telecommunication systems.
  • Assists with community awareness and education on the safe use of the internet.

    Contacting The Unit
    The unit does not take calls directly from members of the public. Matters in the first instance should be directed through your local police station or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Child Protection Register

The Child Protection Registry has been established to monitor and maintain the New South Wales Police Child Protection Register, as per the Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Act 2000.

Under this Act, persons convicted of a nominated violent or sexual offence against a child will be required to register at the police station in the locality in which they reside, within 28 days of sentencing, release from custody or entering NSW after being found guilty of a registrable offence in another jurisdiction. Registrable persons will be required to provide police with certain personal information, travel plans and any changes to this information. The period of registration is for a minimum of eight years for an adult, four years for a juvenile offender and it is an offence not to register or to provide police with false information.

The management of registrable information is coordinated by the Child Protection Registry, State Crime Command. The monitoring and investigation of registrable persons and offences under the Act will be undertaken by Police Area Commands (PACs) and the Child Abuse & Sex Crimes Squad (CASCS), State Crime Command.