eSafety Commissioner


If you or someone you know experiences online abuse, you can go to the eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) - Australia's regulator for online safety.

eSafety can help Australians with online abuse such as cyberbullying, adult cyber abuse, image­ based abuse, and illegal and restricted content.

Online abuse can happen on a social media site, game, app or any other online or electronic platform. It can include posts, comments, texts, messages, chats, livestreams, memes, images, videos and emails.

How to make a report to eSafety

There are different steps to follow when you make a report - based on the type of abuse:

  1. For cyberbullying and adult cyber abuse: Report to the online service or social platform first. If they don't remove the content within 48 hours, report to eSafety.
  2. For image-based abuse or illegal and restricted content: Report to eSafety immediately.

Find out more about what eSafety can investigate, how to make a report and how to collect evidence.

Australian Human Rights Commission

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Anti-Discrimination NSW

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