Put simply, Operation Talon will be driven by a centralised group of intelligence officers and analysts, who will download and examine all of the latest data, trends and information concerning gun-crime in Sydney.

Our officers on the street will then use this intelligence to constantly target and engage anyone suspected of being involved in gun crime. This targeting will take place day and night, seven days a week, and will be augmented by regular community engagement to help us build upon the information we have already obtained.

Operation Spartan and Operation Apollo (previous gun-related operations) have been amalgamated into Operation Talon.

Both Spartan and Apollo were immensely successful. Between the two operations, officers seized more than 140 firearms, made in excess of 1,000 arrests and laid more than 2,000 charges.

Talon intends to build upon the success of Spartan and Apollo, by combining resources and intelligence into one, centrally-controlled operation.