The NSW Police Force Alcohol Strategy 2019 - 2026 sets out how the NSW Police Force will work together with other agencies and the community to reduce alcohol-related harm and crime in NSW.

It builds on the already substantial efforts and responses of the NSW Police Force which have seen a significant reduction in alcohol-related crime in NSW.

Over the next seven years, four priority areas for reducing alcohol-related harm have been identified for police action:

  1. PREVENTION: promoting safe drinking practices and building resilient communities
  2. DISRUPTION:  restricting alcohol supply and promoting safe drinking environments
  3. RESPONSE: protecting individuals and communities from alcohol-related harm
  4. CAPABILITY: enabling the effective policing of alcohol-related crime.

Strategy at a glance

All police officers and commands across NSW are responsible for implementing the NSW Police Force Alcohol Strategy. The actions taken by any one command however, will be shaped by local circumstances and the command’s function within the NSW Police Force. This means the policing response to alcohol-related harm and crime will be flexible, agile and targeted as commands tailor their activities to meet their local needs and emerging issues.