Drink driving

If you drink and drive over the legal drink-driving limit, you are breaking the law and could lose your licence, get a fine or go to prison.

In NSW there are three blood alcohol limits.

  • Zero alcohol limit for all:
    • Learner drivers or riders
    • Provisional 1 drivers or riders
    • Provisional 2 drivers or riders
    • Visiting drivers or riders holding an overseas or interstate learner, provisional or equivalent licence
  • Under 0.02 applies to:
    • Drivers of vehicles of "gross vehicle mass" greater than 13.9 tonnes
    • Drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods
    • Drivers of public vehicles such as taxi or bus drivers
  • Under 0.05 applies to:
    • All other licences (including overseas and interstate licence holders) not subject to a 0.02 or zero limit
    • Under 0.05 is the legal limit for most drivers

For further information in relation to blood alcohol limits, random breath testing, using other drugs, sobering up and getting home safely, visit the Centre for Road Safety.


Many pedestrians who are injured or killed were affected by alcohol at the time of the accident. For information and advice about this important issue, go to:

Safe transport options

There are many safe transport options available, making it easier for people to socialise and get home safely. Your local Council may have information about what services are available in your area. You can also check out your local Liquor Accord as many Accords operate safe transport programs. It is a good idea to plan your transport options before you leave home.