Condition 1 is a mandatory condition and appears on all AVOs.

1. The defendant must not do any of the following to <protected people>, or anyone <she/he/they> <has/have> a domestic relationship with:

A) assault or threaten <her/him/them>,

B) stalk, harass or intimidate <her/him/them>, and

C) deliberately or recklessly destroy or damage anything that belongs to <protected people>.

Additional orders can be sought depending on the circumstances, for example:

Restrictions put in place against the Defendant:

  • No longer allowed to reside at the family home
  • Not allowed to contact the protected person except through the use of a lawyer,
  • Not allowed within a certain distance from the protected person/s residence, work or school.
  • Not allowed to be in the company of protected person for at least 12 hours after taking alcohol or drugs.
  • Not allowed to possess any firearms or prohibited weapons.
  • Not allowed to try and locate the Protected Person.