The Victims Support Scheme, handled by Victims Services, provides a coordinated approach to information, support and referral, with an emphasis on immediate assistance and access to counselling. Through Victims Services, victims will be able to access the services when they need them most.

Victims will be allocated a support coordinator who will conduct a comprehensive assessment of each situation, develop a tailored plan and then guide the victim through the criminal justice and human services systems. The support coordinator will provide information, referrals to other services and ongoing advice.

A package of care may include some or all of five types of support:

  1. Information, referrals and advice
  2. Counselling
  3. Immediate needs
  4. Financial assistance
  5. Recognition payment

Who is eligible to apply?

Information, support and referral - ALL victims of crime

Counselling - ALL victims of violent crime

Immediate needs -

  • Primary victims
  • Family members of homicide victims can claim for funeral expenses and crime scene clean up.

Financial Assistance -

  • Primary victims
  • Parents of a child victim may be eligible
  • Family members of homicide victims can access justice-related expenses.

Recognition payment -

  • Primary victim
  • Dependent family members and parents of homicide victims Information on all aspects of the Victims Support Scheme is handled by Victim Services.

They can be contacted via: Victims Access Line (VAL) – 1800 633 063 or Victim Services