Victims Services, provides information, support and referral to victims of violent crime in NSW. 
A package of care developed by your Victims Services representative may include some or all of these forms of assistance:

1. Information, referrals and advice

2. Counselling

3. Immediate needs

4. Financial assistance

5. Recognition payment

Who is eligible to apply? 
Information, support and referral – Victims of violent crime

Counselling - Victims of violent crime

Immediate needs -

· Primary victims

· Family members of homicide victims can claim for funeral expenses and crime scene clean up.

Financial Assistance -

· Primary victims

· Parents of a child victim may be eligible

· Family members of homicide victims can access justice-related expenses.

Recognition payment -

· Primary victim

· Dependent family members and parents of homicide victims Information on all aspects of the Victims Support Scheme is handled by Victim Services.

They can be contacted via: Victims Access Line (VAL) – 1800 633 063 
For more information see Victim Support Scheme publication or website: