It is the role of police to respond to crime, emergencies and other calls for assistance by land, sea and air.

When a crime is reported to be occurring or has just occurred, uniformed police will generally be the first to attend the scene. As first responders, police have a duty of care to ensure the safety of the victim/s and this may include arranging for an ambulance.

The uniformed police will speak to the victim to get their personal details, ask what happened, ask the victim if they can identify the offender, ask for a description of the offender and any other information that could assist the police in finding the offender. Police may also ask for details from witnesses to the crime. Once the incident or crime has been reported to police face-to-face, you will be given a Victims Card to keep for future reference.

Victim Card

On the front of the card are the contact details for the officer in charge of your matter. This includes their name, email address, police station, phone number, COPS Event Number and information on who to contact if the officer is unavailable, if you need to call for any enquiries.

On the back of the card are important contact details for the Victims Access Line (VAL) which is operated by Victims Services, Department of Attorney General and Justice. VAL provides information, referral and support to a range of services for victims of crime including helping victims to access their rights. If you have been the victim of an incident or crime we will attempt to contact you within 7 days. This will be by phone, SMS or email.

Victims Card back

We will:

  • Explain how we will deal with your matter and whether any further action will be taken 
  • Provide you with a COPS reference number and contact telephone number of the investigating officer
  • If police proceed with an investigation, where possible, they will keep you informed throughout the investigation at least every 28 days until the matter is closed or suspended. Police will inform you of the status of the investigation right to the very end. This includes where an investigation cannot progress any further without further information or evidence
  • Encourage you to contact police if you change your contact details and need or have any further information.

As part of our Customer Service Charter we will:

  1. *  Be accessible
  2. *  Be professional and helpful
  3. *  Take appropriate action
  4. *  Keep you informed.