If you have been reported missing it is vital to let police know that you are safe and well, as soon as possible. NSW Police put a lot of time and effort into locating Missing Persons and it is important to let them know that you are safe.

Your location and contact information can be kept confidential if you prefer. NSW Police will not disclose your details without your permission.

A Missing Person MUST be sighted by an authorised person to be deemed ‘Located’. If the Missing Person is not physically sighted, they will remain on the outstanding Missing Person list and police will continue to look for them.

An authorised person might include:

  • NSW Police Force Officer
  • Customs Officer
  • Doctor
  • School Principal
  • Family and Community Services Officer
  • Nursing Unit Manager

Let the authorised person know that you have been reported Missing and need them to confirm you identify and to notify Police. The Police will ask the authorised person to confirm via email that they have sighted you and that they have no current concerns for your safety or welfare.

Going Missing IS NOT A CRIME.