NSW has over 371 Unidentified bodies and Human Remains (UBHR), dating back to 1961.

In 2022 over 112 reports of possible human remains were made, 37 were confirmed human and 5 remains outstanding as unidentified. The NSW Police investigate these cases with the hopes of making an identification and providing closure to family and friends.

While NSW Police hold the investigation of all UBHR case, NSW Health and Forensic Medicine also assist by providing the latest DNA technology and expert reports.

What to do if you find possible human remains

  • Do not touch the remains.
  • Note the location, landmarks and if possible, the GPS coordinates.
  • Take photos of the remains and the surrounding area.
  • When possible and if safe to do so, call Crime Stoppers to make a report.

The Police will attend the scene and collect the remains. They may ask you to also attend with them on the day to assist in finding the correct location.