You do NOT need to wait 24 hours before making a report to police. If you have concerns for the safely and welfare of someone that cannot be located, attend your local police station to make a report as soon as possible.

What police will ask you:

  • The full name and DOB of the Missing Person
  • What genuine concerns you have for their welfare or safety.
  • When the Missing Person was last seen or contacted you.
  • To provide a Physical description or a recent photograph of the Missing Person
  • Details of any mobile phone numbers, social media accounts or vehicle registrations
  • A list of friends and/or possible locations the Missing person frequents.
  • If known, any medical information that may increase the risk to the Missing Persons. E.g. mental health, dementia or diabetes.

Police may also ask the next of kin to sign an Authority for Publicity. This can help police to locate a person quickly by publishing a photo of the Missing Person on such things as social media and news outlets.