Technology & Communication Services Command is led by Assistant Commissioner Stacey Maloney. The Command supports frontline police with contemporary communication and business technology systems.

What we do

  • Facilitate the deployment of Police to incidents through radio dispatch services
  • Co-ordinate multi-agency responses to major incidents, rescues, emergencies, disasters and counter-terrorism related incidents
  • Provide the NSWPF with an effective 24/7 state-wide operational communications network, including technical support capability
  • Provide mobile communications support to field

How we support the community

We provide:

  • Triple Zero (000) Emergency call services
  • Non Emergency call services including the Police Assistance Line
  • Anonymous crime reporting options through CrimeStoppers
  • Responses to requests for information made under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (the GIPA Act), Child and Young Person (CAP) Acts, Subpoena, Family Law Courts and other relevant legislation
  • Services to assess risks of harm to children and young persons reported to the NSWPF

Who we are

The Technology & Communication Services Command comprises:

Radio Operations Group (Police Radio - Operational)
  • 24/7 Radio Dispatch & Triple Zero (000) Centres at Sydney, Penrith, Newcastle, Illawarra, and Tamworth
  • State Coordination Unit
  • Rescue Coordination
  • Public Information and Inquiry Service (PIIC)
  • Radio Operations Training Unit

Radio Operations Group (Mon-Fri) contact details:
Sydney Police Centre (SPC)
Level 4, 151-241 Goulburn St
Surry Hills 2010
Phone: (02) 9265 4471

Wireless Network Group (Police Radio - Technical)
  • Wireless Technology (Management of NSWPF Radio Network)
  • Radio Site Management
  • Metropolitan Wireless Network Services
  • Regional Wireless Network Services
  • Radio Engineering Services

Wireless Network Group (Mon-Fri) contact details:
Level 4, Sydney Police Centre (SPC)
151-241 Goulburn St
Surry Hills 2010
Phone: (02) 9265 4502

PoliceLink Command

PoliceLink Tuggerah contact details:
PO Box 3427, Tuggerah NSW 2259
Phone: (02) 4352 0096

PoliceLink Lithgow contact details:
PO Box 445, Lithgow NSW 2790
Phone: (02) 6352 8022