State Intelligence command

New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF) is one of the largest and most respected police forces in the world. Its primary objective is to ensure the safety and security of the residents of New South Wales. To achieve this, the police force employs a range of strategies to prevent, disrupt, and respond to crime. One of the key strategies is intelligence gathering and analysis.

State Intelligence (NSWPF)  has an effective intelligence gathering and analysis capability that draws from a range of sources. State Intelligence is responsible for managing and delivering intelligence services to support proactive and effective policing of the state. The command collects, analyses and disseminates intelligence related to high-volume crime,  serious crime, organised crime, major events, and public order. State Intelligence works closely with other law enforcement agencies and partners to ensure the effective sharing of information and intelligence.

State Intelligence is revolutionising the field of intelligence using innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology. With the ability to anticipate and identify emerging issues and crime trends, intelligence officers are now better equipped to analyse  the drivers and enablers  of crime to inform  targeted policing activities that can prevent or disrupt criminal activity.

Strategic Intelligence & Capability

Strategic Intelligence & Capability is a crucial component of intelligence-led policing, providing a wide range of services to ensure that the NSWPF stays ahead of the curve in the face of ever-changing crime trends.

The units within this command play a vital role in the development of intelligence-related policies, strategies, systems, programs, and education within the NSWPF. Additionally, Strategic Intelligence & Capability is responsible for managing the organisation's information, which is a critical resource. This includes providing accurate crime statistics, ensuring the security of information, and facilitating the safe sharing of information with external agencies.

By leveraging the expertise of Strategic Intelligence & Capability, the NSWPF can stay one step ahead of criminals and protect the community more effectively.

Intelligence Operations

Intelligence Operations was established to meet the evolving needs and expectations of the intelligence profession. As the focus of intelligence has shifted towards leadership capabilities, Intelligence Operations has played a crucial role in driving the NSWPF's  approach to  crime prevention, disruption, response, and capability.

This intelligence-led command promotes the sharing of information and intelligence across all commands of the NSWPF. Intelligence Operations ensures that there is a 24/7 operational response in support of serious crimes or incidents that are occurring in real-time. Additionally, it provides analytical and intelligence support to all areas of the NSWPF, develops the NSWPF's capability through the provision of  intelligence products, and collaborates with other agencies, both public and private, to develop intelligence.

Intelligence Operations supports field and specialist operations by providing valuable intelligence assistance at different stages of the crime management cycle. This ranges from identifying targeting opportunities, providing timely advice, informing sound decision-making, and more.

Covert Operations

Covert Services provides intelligence and evidence collection solutions that utilise expertly trained personnel to support investigations. Covert Services encompass a group of discreet and vital operational units that enable the state and national response to crime, counter terrorism and transnational serious and organised crime.  The command delivers accurate and actionable intelligence and evidence using a variety of covert methodologies which enable the NSWPF to undertake complex investigations.