The State Crime Command delivers professional policing services to the community of NSW through disrupting, preventing and responding to serious and organised crime.  Led by the Commander, State Crime Command and the Director, Crime Operations the command consists of eight specialist squads each representing a head of discipline for major crime types.  Administrative functions within the command are provided by Business Services, Human Resources and the Professional Standards Unit and other specialist commands with the NSW Police Force.

State Crime Command Squads

  • Drug and Firearms Squad
  • Criminal Groups Squad
  • Organised Crime Squad
  • Cybercrime Squad
  • Homicide Squad
  • Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad
  • Financial Crimes Squad
  • Robbery and Serious Crime Squad
  • Drug and Firearms Squad

    The Drug and Firearms Squad lead, manage and conduct investigations into upper level and/or organised criminal activities or networks involved in the supply, distribution and production of illicit drugs and firearms.

    The Squad provides support to other NSW Police Force commands and units in their response to serious drug and firearms crime. This includes providing a professional consultancy and direction to the NSW Police Force response to drug and firearm crime.

    Criminal Groups Squad

    The Criminal Groups Squad and Strike Force Raptor target groups and individuals who engage in serious and organised crime, in particular those who have a propensity for violence. This is achieved with proactive investigations and intelligence based, high impact policing operations with the intention of preventing and disrupting conflicts and prosecuting and dismantling networks engaged in serious criminal activity.

    Organised Crime Squad

    The Organised Crime Squad conducts investigations targeting high level organised crime, disrupting the activity, identifying those criminals and criminal groups engaged in it and effecting their arrest.

    This includes organised crime activity targeting or connected with licensed casinos, New South Wales racing industries and sporting codes and money laundering activity within criminal groups in NSW.  The squad also provides support and training to investigators to assist in the identification of assets eligible for seizure and forfeiture in accordance with the Confiscation and Proceeds of Crime Act 1989.  In conducting its work, the Organised Crime Squad works with commands within NSW Police Force, Commonwealth, State and Territory Police Forces and other law enforcement partner agencies

    Cybercrime Squad

    Computer related technology is evolving and improving at an incredible rate, with computers, smartphones and the internet now used in every part of our daily lives. Criminals are exploiting these technologies to commit new types of crime and traditional crimes in new ways.

    The Cybercrime Squad leads and drives the New South Wales Police Force response to cyber enabled and cyber dependent crime. The squad is responsible for investigating and prosecuting complex cyber offences requiring advanced technical skill and capability and processes all reports received through the Reportcyber portal, determining the appropriate course of action. The squad provides specialist assistance to Police Area Commands, Police Districts and other NSW Police Force Commands.

    Homicide Squad

    The Homicide Squad leads and drives the NSW Police Force response to homicide and coronial investigations at all levels. This is achieved through the development of tactical intelligence products, policy advice and the provision of good practice and specialist investigative service for major criminal investigations including murder, suspicious deaths, coronial investigations and critical incidents.

    Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad

    No other crimes seem to arrest the attention of the public and media as much as child abuse or adult sexual assault. This is because our community considers these crimes abhorrent and alarming. Abusing children, either by sexual or physical abuse or neglect, is one of the worst offences that can be committed.

    The experience of sexual assault is different for everyone who experiences it, regardless of whether it is committed by a stranger or someone known to the victim. It is like any other major shock or trauma, with a whole range of short, and long term effects for the victim.

    The Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad was established to ensure provision of a specialist sexual assault response to support Police Area Commands across NSW.

    Financial Crime Squad

    The Financial Crimes Squad leads and drives the NSW Police Force response to fraud, identity crime, motor vehicle theft/re-birthing (including precious and scrap metal theft) and arson (encompassing structural fires and bushfires).

    This is done through the development and implementation of prevention strategies, proactive and reactive enforcement policy, intelligence products, best practice and provision of specialist investigative services across the three crime disciplines.

    Robbery and Serious Crime Squad

    The Robbery and Serious Crime Squad leads and drives the New South Wales Police Force response to Robbery, Extortion, Kidnap for Ransom, Product Contamination and other Serious Property Crime, including major breaking offences on commercial warehouses and distribution centres and receivers of the property.

    The squad supports Police Area Commands, Police Districts and Regions through the provision of specialist investigative advice. Dependent on the circumstances the Robbery and Serious Crime Squad will provide initial assistance via telephone consultation and has the capability of an on- call response.