The Professional Standards Command (PSC) is a specialist command that reports to the Deputy Commissioner Investigations & Counter Terrorism.  The PSC has responsibility for setting standards for performance, conduct and integrity within NSW Police.  The core business aims of the PSC are:

  • Promoting professional standards.
  • Investigating serious criminal allegations, corruption, and high-risk matters where police officers may be involved.
  • Identifying and responding to high-risk behaviour in people, places and systems where misconduct is a factor.
  • Promoting and supporting fair, consistent and effective management of all staff.

The functions undertaken by the PSC to achieve these aims are:

  • Providing advisory, consultancy and review services with respect to investigations, critical incidents, complaint management and employee management.
  • Applying investigation, intelligence and integrity testing resources according to risk based prioritisation.
  • Developing and applying intelligence to identify and support professional standards through analytical support, audits, assessment of probity issues, and strategic research.
  • Developing, or contributing to, reference materials, standard operating procedures, policies and training that support professional standards and the application of best practice.
  • Acting as a primary point of contact within NSW Police for agencies such as the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC), the NSW Coroner, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and the Office of the Childrens' Guardian.
Compliments, Concerns and Complaints

You can contact NSW Police's Customer Assistance Unit on 1800 622 571 (free call, statewide) if you wish to register a compliment, concern or complaint in relation to NSW Police.