The Forensic Evidence & Technical Services Command (FETSC) has over 900 police and civilian staff to provide high quality forensic and technical services to assist investigations, prevent and disrupt crime, protect the community and serve the justice system.

Some of the capabilities provided by the Command include:

  • Collection and analysis of physical and electronic evidence at crime and incident scenes.
  • Scientific analysis, interpretation of evidence and presentation of evidence to court.
  • Identification of persons through biometric means, fingerprints and DNA to assist in criminal, incident and coronial investigations.
  • Identification of persons through criminal history to provide background information to the court to inform decisions.
  • Criminal record and fingerprint-based background checking to assist in placing the 'right persons' in the 'right places' for specific jobs, visas, adoptions, to name a few.
  • Provision of forensic intelligence to assist solving crime across boundaries; linking crime across different evidence types.
  • Provision of advice and logistical support to the NSW Police response to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive incidents and Disaster Victim Identification events.
  • Facilitation of targeted research and innovative development opportunities in collaboration with other forensic and educational institutions

Further information about a career in the Forensic Evidence & Technical Services Command

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