General Purpose

General purpose teams are highly skilled and motivated. The General purpose police dog has a keen sense of smell which it uses to track and search for missing persons, suspected offenders or property connected to crime scenes. The locations covered by the team include buildings, thick bush, rural and suburban areas.

The General Purpose dog teams support police at High Risk confrontations, Crowd Control and Urban Search & Rescue disasters.

Drug Detection

Drug detection teams, using the dog's acute nose, are deployed for searching houses, cars, people and personal property for the detection of illegal drugs. The teams offer a high degree of accuracy during search warrants and screening situations. Being Labradors, their smaller frame and deftness allows them to access all areas easily.

Firearm/Explosives Detection

A Firearms/Explosive team will use the dog's keen sense of smell to sniff out and locate guns, ammunition, bombs and explosive materials. Being Labradors, their inquisitiveness drives them to locate items, whether they are tucked into a belt or buried under the ground. The work of Firearms/Explosive teams are of great value to the community and the capability of NSWPF to deter crime.