What Can I Do To Best Prepare For Civilian Life?

The transition from Police Officer to civilian can be daunting and the impact on some individuals profound. Research indicates that the impact of this change can be minimised by preparing for the change ahead of time and understanding the impact of the change as it occurs. As such, NSWPF and EML have partnered with Phoenix Australia – Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health to develop an online program to help officers, family, friends and treatment providers make transition easier.

This short course provides evidence-informed education, suggestions, and a way for you to start planning your career transition.

You will learn about:

  • Preparing for career transition
  • Facing the inevitability of change
  • Breaking with the old life
  • Building a new life

Access is free via EMLearning, but requires a login. Please use this form or speak with your NSW Police Injury Management Advisor to request your personal registration. Please allow two business days for your registration to be completed.

If you are already registered, login to EMLearning and get started!