Crime Prevention Tips

Protect your children online 



Protect your children online tip sheets

Protect yourself from 'ice'


Protect yourself from 'ice' tip sheets


Protect yourself from fraud

Fraud in New South Wales is a growing problem. As we enter a new era with more advanced technology, it can be committed in dozens of ways. It is now more important than ever to learn how to protect yourself and your family from various forms of fraud. You can follow some simple steps to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. To find out how, watch our video series or download the tip sheets below.  

Protect yourself online



Protect yourself online tip sheets

Protect your debit/credit cards


Protect your debit/credit cards tip sheets

Protect yourself against scammers


Protect yourself against scammers tip sheets

Report Fraud

If you believe you have been a victim to a cyber related offence – report it immediately on or contact your local police station.