About Us

The NSW Police Force

  • is Australia's oldest and largest police organisation and one of the biggest in the English speaking world
  • has a large and diverse workforce. Please click here to see the most recent information regarding police numbers.
  • serves a population of seven million in the state of New South Wales, an 801,600 square kilometre area comparable in size to Texas in the USA and double the combined geographic areas of England, Scotland and Wales
  • operates on land, sea and from the air
  • provides community based policing from more than 500 police stations to a wide range of ethnic communities speaking more than 30 languages
  • is a non profit statutory authority funded by the NSW Government.

We aim to protect the community and property by

  • preventing, detecting and investigating crime
  • monitoring and promoting road safety
  • maintaining social order
  • performing and coordinating emergency and rescue operations.

Our other major services include

  • traffic control
  • communications
  • intelligence analysis
  • anti-terrorist negotiation

Our history

  • in August 1789, Governor Arthur Phillip established the first civilian police force in Australia
  • the NSW Police Force was established by the Police Regulation Act 1862, which was replaced by the Police Regulation Act 1899.
  • in June 1987, the NSW Police Force (operations) and the NSW Police Department (policy and administrative support) were amalgamated and formalised by the Police Act 1990 No. 47, which, as amended, is the legislation governing the organisation.


The Commissioner of Police is the employer of all members of the NSW Police Force under the Police Act 1990.
The structure of the New South Wales Police Force Senior Executive Service is determined by the Minister for Police.

The Commissioner reports directly to the Minister for Police.