General duties

In your first year, you will apply everything you have learnt at the Academy to real life policing situations.

Your first year

As a probationary constable, you will be partnered with a Field Training and Assessment Officer (FTAO) for the first couple of months. The FTAO will be your 'shadow' as well as guide and assist you through everyday and follow-up jobs. An FTAO has undertaken a specific training course and is aware of the study requirements of probationary constables.

Your ongoing training will be monitored by a local Education Development Officer (EDO) who assists with all aspects of your work and study. You can expect to be exposed to a wide range of jobs and situations in your first year.

Duties and incidents

Some of the things you will be involved with include:

  • domestic dispute issues
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • armed robberies
  • stealing offences
  • assaults
  • deceased persons
  • patrolling and high visibility policing.


New recruits are required to complete a 3-year tenure in general duties prior to applying for transfer to another location or specialist role.

Other constables' experiences

Read what other police officers’ experiences were like when they were probationary constables.

I remember the first day walking into the station with the blue uniform not knowing what to expect. A year later I walk into the station feeling apart of the family that these people will have my back. You never know what job your going to go to but you know the person beside you will be there for you.

General Duties Constable, 1 year 3 months

Once you have completed the first job It doesn’t take long to find your grove and settle in. I thought I had seen it all, and in this job I am honestly surprised each and everyday with the things we see and hear about. This keeps it exciting and keeps you on your toes, no day is ever the same that’s for sure.

General Duties Constable, 1 year , 8 months

My first 12 months has been a rollercoaster of emotions, its has been simultaneously very fun and very challenging. I have worked in various sections within this time including general duties, proactive and the capability and prevention teams.

I have been able to navigate my way through with the assistance of my FTAO’s, EDO’s, Sergeants, and fellow team members who have always been available and willing to assist whenever I have needed it.

General Duties Constable, 2 years, 5 months

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