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Application process

Application process

NSW Police Force have a comprehensive process in place to ensure we recruit candidates, that are most suitable to a career in Policing. The application process is undertaken in seven stages.

Stage 1: Pre-application requirements

Required documents

Prior to submitting your application, you will need to collect a number of required documents which must be uploaded with your application.

These include:

Your documents must be copied and certified as true copies by a Justice of the Peace prior to being scanned and uploaded with your on-line application.

Body Art (tattoo) & Body Modification Policy

If you have body art (tattoos) or body modifications on the head, face, neck or hands please contact the Recruitment Branch before lodging your application.  A recruitment officer can assist with assessing your eligibility.

Examples of prohibited body art locations

Tattoo images

Stage 2: Application qualifications

Required qualifications

The following qualifications are required to be completed and supplied with your application or during the application process.

Aquatic Rescue Sequence

The aquatic rescue sequence is designed to test the applicants ability to enter the water safely effect a rescue,

  • this test must be supervised and assessed by a fully licensed AUSTSWIM teacher. Please contact your local council pool or swim center to book
  • certificate is valid for 5 years from the date you pass the test
  • aquatic rescue sequence instructions and certificate (PDF).

Please note if you are not a competent swimmer or unsure if you can complete the test, you should seek advice from a qualified swimming instructor prior to lodging your Police application. You may need to complete swimming lessons if required.

All costs associated with obtaining a AUSTSWIM accredited certificate are the responsibility of the applicant

Stage 3: Application submission & processing

Submitting your application

The application is a part of a detailed vetting process that assists the Recruitment Branch in determining your professional suitability for employment as a NSW Police officer.

  • The application is called the Professional Suitability Application (PSA). The application is an electronic form and is accessed through the NSW Government’s iworkfor.NSW web site
  • It is important that you carefully read each section of the application form and take time to answer the questions in an open and honest manner. Failure to disclose important information may result in your application being rejected.

Apply Online

Processing your application

  • Upon receipt of your completed application, you will be allocated a Recruitment case manager. The case manager will be your point of contact throughout the application process
  • Your case manager will conduct a review of your eligibility and a wide range of background and reference checks
  • During this stage you will be invited to enrol in the UCWE, undertake fitness testing, psychometric testing and your medical assessment
  • You will also be asked to attend a NSW Police station to have your fingerprints taken.  We strongly recommend you contact the police station prior to attending.

University Certificate in Workforce Essentials (UCWE)

The University Certificate in Workforce Essentials (UCWE) is a foundational program that prepares students for the challenges of the Constable Education Program / Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP) and is the mandatory academic requirement for all NSW Police Force applicants.

Upon successful completion of initial background checks you will receive notification and a link from the Recruitment Branch to submit your application for enrolment into the UCWE.  The application MUST BE submitted within 48 hours of receiving  the notification.  Failure to enrol in the UCWE will result in removal from the recruitment process.

The course is a 4-week online course delivered by Charles Sturt University and is undertaken during the recruitment process.

The UCWE costs $700 and qualifies for FEE HELP from the Australian Government.

Stage 4: Fitness, Psychometric & Medical testing

Physical Capacity testing

During the recruitment process you will be required to undertake and pass a series of fitness tests.

The tests assess your ability to cope with the physical stresses encountered during training at the Police Academy and whilst performing the inherent roles of an operational Police Officer.

Psychometric testing

All applicants who apply to join the NSW Police Force must complete psychometric assessment to review their psychological suitability for the role of a NSW Police Officer.

Following this assessment, you may be asked to attend an interview with a NSW Police Force psychologist to clarify the results of the assessment.

No preparation is required prior to the assessment and full instructions will be provided on the testing day.

Medical assessment

As part of the recruitment process you will be required to undertake a medical assessment to ensure you are medically fit to perform the inherent role and functions of a NSW Police Officer.

The assessment will be conducted by the external provider Unified Healthcare Group (UHG). Applicants will not be able to undertake the medical assessment until notified by the Police Recruitment Branch.

All costs associated with the medical assessment, including any specialist medical reports, are the responsibility of the applicant.

Stage 5: Interview


Not all applicants are required to be interviewed. Recruitment interviews are conducted on a needs basis, generally to clarify issues or problems encountered during the application process. You will be contacted by your case manager if you are required to be interviewed.

Stage 6: Final Checking

Applicants who successfully complete the 4-week UCWE course will progress to final checking of their application and formal approval to proceed into the Associate Degree in Policing Practice at the NSW Police Academy. It is important at this time that applicants monitor their emails and make themselves available for last minute requests from the recruitment team.

Stage 7: Academy training offer - ADPP

Applicants who have successfully completed all elements of the recruitment process will receive a formal offer to enroll in the Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP) at the NSW Police Force Academy.

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