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Careers & salary

Careers & salary

Some of the benefits of a career as a NSW Police officer are the opportunities and job security.

Salary and benefits

The NSW Police Force offers an attractive salary and benefits package for employees.

You Should be a COP in your Hometown

If you live in a regional area, we’re making it easier for you to join the NSW Police Force while staying connected with your family, lifestyle and community.

General duties

In your first year, you will apply everything you have learnt at the Academy to real life policing situations.

Specialist roles

As a NSW Police officer, you’ll have the opportunity to join a specialist area that’s the right fit for you.

Regional Incentives

The NSW Police Force offers a range of incentives for administrative employees and police officers attached to positions within regional areas.

Professional Mobility Program

If you’re currently a police officer in Australia or New Zealand, you can now join the NSW Police Force and continue your career living in New South Wales.

Reappointment Program

Are you a former NSW Police officer and want to return? Welcome back!

Accelerated Prosecutor Recruit Program

The Accelerated Prosecutors Recruit Program is now OPEN to new applications.

Forensic Evidence & Technical Services Accelerated Recruit Program

The Forensic Evidence and Technical Services Command Accelerated Recruitment Program is now CLOSED to new applications.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people recruitment

The NSW Police Force recognises its role in being able to provide employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruits.

Inclusion & diversity

NSW Police Force is committed to creating an inclusive workplace for all people, where everyone is valued.

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