Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people recruitment

The NSW Police Force recognises its role in being able to provide employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruits.

Aspire program logo The NSW Police Force acknowledges Aboriginal people as the original owners of the land we call Australia and particularly the lands now known as New South Wales. We also acknowledge that the Aboriginal people of NSW are not one generic group but that they make up many different groups with their own unique languages and customs.

We recognise that our unique role as police provides us the opportunity to promote positive outcomes for Aboriginal people. In the application of our duty we will be mindful of the cultural differences among Aboriginal peoples and between Aboriginal people and the wider community. We will seek to provide employment, education and training to Aboriginal people and employees at every opportunity while at the same time educating our officers on Aboriginal history, culture and society. We will work towards achieving this in the spirit of Reconciliation.

* The term ‘Aboriginal’ is intended inclusively, to refer to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia. We recognise that people of Torres Strait Islander origin may not be of Aboriginal descent. We respectfully acknowledge Torres Strait Islanders as Australia’s First Peoples. We acknowledge their separate culture, belief systems and identities.

Employment opportunities for Aboriginal People

The NSW Police Force recognises its role in being able to provide employment opportunities and pathways for Aboriginal people.

In the spirit of Reconciliation, the NSW Police Force gives high priority to employing, creating employment pathways and providing on-going training for Aboriginal people. Additionally, to improve the quality of the service the NSW Police Force provides, our officers are educated on Aboriginal history, culture and society.

We are committed to providing a safe and secure NSW with a police force respected by the community it serves.

To achieve this, the NSW Police Force ensures our employees reflect the diversity of the general community and our policing practices and procedures are culturally sensitive and responsive.

If you identify as a person of Aboriginal descent and are interested in a career as a police officer with the NSW Police Force, we have established external programs to ensure you meet our academic requirements to be eligible to apply to Charles Sturt University for the Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP).

As an employee of the NSW Police Force, you can access a number of support networks within our organisation. The NSW Police Force has an Aboriginal Employees Network in each policing region, Aboriginal employees are trained as Peer Support Officers and mentors and a dedicated Aboriginal Employment and Engagement Team. All Aboriginal employees are encouraged to be involved with our Aboriginal Employee Network meetings and events.

Should you wish to join the NSW Police as a Police Officer or have any sworn member recruitment questions, please contact our Aboriginal Recruitment Officer on (02) 8286 4733

Indigenous Police Recruitment Our Way Delivery (IPROWD)

IPROWD has been an active pathway for Aboriginal people into the NSW Police Force since 2008. It has been a successful program through a partnership between TAFE NSW and the NSW Police Force. The program continues to evolve, and we are excited to invite the Australian Federal Police into this partnership, providing increased opportunities for employment to IPROWD students on completion of their program.

The IPROWD program is delivered at specific TAFE NSW campuses across regional and metropolitan areas of NSW. For more information about the IPROWD program, please visit the TAFE NSW IPROWD web site.

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Other NSW Police Force career opportunities

If you identify as a person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and have an enquiry about clerical or administrative officer employment (non-police officer roles) please contact the Aboriginal Employment & Engagement Team via email on HRAboriginal@police.nsw.gov.au

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