Regional Incentives

The NSW Police Force offers a range of incentives for administrative employees and police officers attached to positions within regional areas.

Housing is provided by the NSW Police Force at specific regional locations for police officers at a rate of 3% of an officer’s salary per annum – well below the rental market rate.

There are reduced mandatory tenure periods for police officers at identified locations to allow greater mobility opportunities for officers.

An additional one week of recreation leave is available to both administrative employees and police officers who are attached to locations within the Western and Central Division of the State in accordance with the Crown Lands Consolidation Act 1913 before its repeal.

A fortnightly Remote Area – Living Allowance is provided to both administrative employees and police officers who are attached to positions within select remote areas for the increased cost of living and the climatic conditions in a remote area.

In July 2023 a modernised incentive scheme was implemented for police officers stationed within remote and special remote locations that provides officers with cash incentives to encourage recruitment to the areas and to acknowledge the unique operating environment of remote/special remote locations.

The new scheme provides a great opportunity for officers looking to make a change and diversify their skills to relocate to a regional position.

The allowance structure provides a lump sum payment to officers attached to a location, each year for 5 years to the value of:

  • $36,000 for Remote
  • $31,000 for Special Remote
  • $19,000 for Remote Offshore Location (Lord Howe Island)

The incentive scheme enables commanders access to additional funding to provide some level of additional assistance to attract an officer when positions become specifically hard to fill. Funds are also available to assist with capability development and rotation opportunities which will enable officers to travel to the metropolitan and/or other areas and stay in these locations for the rotation period.

Separate to the above incentives, police officers in locations defined as Special Remote are entitled to financial assistance when there is a need travel to access medical/dental services outside of their location and a preferential transfer at the conclusion of their tenure period.

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