Working conditions

As a NSW Police officer, your working conditions and environments are ever changing, challenging, and also very rewarding.

Every shift will be a new experience as you respond to emergencies, prevention of crime, anti-social behaviour and contributing to a safer community for all. Officers are rostered according to the operational needs of the command they are attached to. Shift lengths can vary from 8 to 12 hours and are based on a 6 week roster block.

Your day is based on a 8-12 hour roster, depending on your Police Area Command (PAC) / Police District (PD) front line demands.

Placement opportunities (PAC/PD rotation)

Recruits at the academy can nominate five (5) preferred locations for placement. We endeavor to employ officers at the preferred location, but the NSWPF must first meet operational field requirements, which will influence final placement. You should be prepared to work anywhere within NSW.

Promotional opportunities

Officers are eligible for merit-based promotion to the rank of sergeant after seven years of service. Opportunity also exists for eligible senior constables to be appointed to the rank of leading senior constable.

Equal opportunity

The NSWPF is an equal opportunity employer. We value a variety of cultural backgrounds which enhance the organisation’s language skills and cultural sensitivity of the NSW Police Force. Regardless of your height, gender or cultural heritage, the NSWPF guarantees equal employment opportunity for all.

Visit our inclusion and diversity page for more information.

Women in policing

Find out more about women in policing.

Uniform and equipment

All uniform and standard issue equipment are provided, including the new Integrated Light Armour Vest (ILAV) and "D" ring thigh holsters. Officers carry a range of issued appointments including:

  • the Glock pistol
  • conducted electricity weapon (TASER)
  • OC (Oleoresin Capsicum/pepper) spray
  • baton
  • handcuffs.

Technology forms an integral part of the issued equipment including body worn video cameras and mobipol mobile policing devices.

A police officer wearing uniform and equipment

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