Salary and benefits

The NSW Police Force offers an attractive salary and benefits package for employees.

Session 1

Students Police Officers will remain Students (not employed) during session 1 of the CEP – as this session is delivered via distance education and Students can continue to balance work/family commitments.

Session 2

From March 2024, Student Police Officers will be employed on a temporary fixed term arrangement for the duration of session 2 (16 weeks) and paid a salary of $1,360 per week, plus superannuation and allowances.

Benefits of NSWPF Recruitment:

  • Highest Paid Police Recruits in Australia
  • Session 1 (16 weeks) done online at home allowing applicants to work and study
  • Half the time at the Academy (16 weeks session 2) than other jurisdictions
  • Highest Paid Police in Australia from 0-5 years
  • Free Accommodation and meals at the NSWPF Academy
  • The only Policing Jurisdiction where applicants receive a formal qualification

The starting salary as a probationary constable is around $80,733.00 plus allowances in the first year, including some shift penalties. There is also a range of other benefits such as further training, study leave, and the opportunity to follow one of over 100 specialist paths.


There is annual incremental progression from lower ranks to senior constable, including regular salary increases.

Rank Annual salary
Probationary Constable $81,517
Constable Level 2 $84,594
Constable Level 3 $87,666
Constable Level 4 $90,739
Constable Level 5 $92,281

Leave entitlement

You are entitled to various types of leave. Some examples are:

  • annual leave (up to 6 weeks per year)
  • Family and Community Service (FACS) leave
  • sick leave (15 days per year)
  • leave without pay (where approved by the commander)
  • extended, or long service leave
  • time off in lieu of overtime.

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