Forensic Evidence & Technical Services Accelerated Recruit Program

The Forensic Evidence and Technical Services Command Accelerated Recruitment Program is now CLOSED to new applications.

Applications are now CLOSED for FETSCARP.  

NSWPF is now offering forensic science graduates an opportunity to fast track into a career as a Police Officer - Forensic Investigator. To be considered for the program, you must have completed a forensic science degree from a recognised tertiary institution. See the list of approved courses.

The Forensic Evidence and Technical Services Accelerated Recruitment Program (FE&TSARP) involves completing the Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP) whilst performing and gaining an insight into general policing duties at a Sydney metropolitan police station. However the minimum general duties component has been reduced from three years to one year as part of this program.

FE&TSARP timetables

  • Once an FE&TSARP officer attests as a probationary constable, they will commence duty at their assigned metropolitan Police Area Command (PAC) and continue their ADPP studies.
  • After approximately 10 months at a PAC (during session 5 of ADPP), they will attend an induction day at their allocated FE&TS site.
  • Once the FE&TSARP officer is confirmed in the rank of constable, they will be eligible to transfer to FE&TS when the allocated Forensic Investigator Position is available.
  • Upon transfer to the FE&TS, the FE&TS ARP officer will commence training in their respective forensic job stream.

NSW Police Force Academy Class Intakes

Please contact NSWPF Recruitment Branch for specific dates for NSW Police Academy class intakes. Field placement at a police station is a requirement of recruit training. Dates of these field placements can be obtained by contacting the Recruitment Branch.

FE&TSARP - Pathway to Forensic Investigator or Fingerprint Expert

Upon being accepted into the accelerated program, the pathway is as follows:

Training to achieve expert status (Crime Scene, Fingerprints, Document Examination) through the Australasian Forensic Science Assessment Body (AFSAB) is competency based and generally takes four to five years to complete. It consists of:

  • Advanced Diploma of Forensic Investigation (holders of a relevant Forensic Science degree under accelerated recruiting will receive skills recognition for this course)
  • Graduate Certificate in Forensic Fingerprint Investigation OR Crime Scene Investigation
  • Passing all internal and external competency requirements and assessments
  • Undertaking internal specialist training courses

All training requirements to achieve national accreditation are funded by NSWPF.

For more information of specific careers within the FE&TS Command please download the below Information Sheets or contact the FE&TS Human Resources Manager via email at

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