Eligibility quiz

Take the quiz to see if you may be eligible to commence an application to the NSW Police Force.

Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident?

NSW Police officers are required to be Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Are you over 18 years of age?

You must be at least 18 years of age to lodge a Police application for the NSW Police Force.

Do you have a NSW Drivers Licence with a minimum Green (P2) category or equivalent interstate licence?

If not, unfortunately you will not be eligible to submit an application at this time.

Do you have an acceptable driving offence history?

Applicants who have been convicted of serious driving offences and applicants with poor driving offence histories may not be assessed as suitable.

Do you have a criminal record?

Applicants who have prior criminal convictions or offences proven against them would not be assessed as professionally suitable.

Are you medically fit?

You will be required to undertake an initial medical assessment to ensure you can perform the inherent requirements of policing duties. If you believe you have a serious medical condition you are advised to contact the Police Recruitment Branch for further advice and information.

Are you physically fit?

You will be required to pass a physical capacity test. Please visit the fitness page for more information.

Are you fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus?

All NSW Police Force employees are required to be fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus unless medically exempt.

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