University Certificate in Workforce Essentials (UCWE)

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If you are considering a policing career with the NSW Police Force, one of the first steps will be completing a foundation level program called the University Certificate in Workforce Essentials with Charles Sturt University. The course prepares you for the challenges of the Associate Degree in Policing Practice and is the mandatory academic requirement for all NSW Police Force applicants.

What you need to know

Step 1:  Take the Eligibility quiz and make sure you pass it

Step 2:  Ensure you meet the physical & medical requirements

Step 3:  Check out the course entry requirements for the UCWE

Step 4:  Check out the Session dates for the UCWE

Step 5: Apply for the UCWE

  1. Select Undergraduate
  2. Select University certificate or diploma
  3. Apply to Charles Sturt
  4. Login using your Charles Sturt login details
  5. Start a new application and select Undergraduate
  6. Select the University Certificate in Workforce Essentials

Step 6: Accept your offer for the UCWE and get ready to start the first steps towards your future career

Step 7: As soon as you’re enrolled in the UCWE apply for your Professional Suitability Assessment (PSA) via the Police Application - NSW Police Recruitment

Successful completion of the UCWE does not guarantee recruitment, selection or training as a policing student, or future employment with the NSW Police Force.

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