Vertical jump

The vertical jump test is designed to measure an applicant's lower body strength using a vertical jump test gauge.

Performing the test

  • Standing under the gauge, dominate side facing closest, feet are flat, hip width apart
  • Extend the dominant arm and fingers vertically above your head. Assessor will then set your reach height to zero (0) on the test gauge.
  • Crouch down, and using the arms and legs jumps as high as possible extending the dominant arm and tap the gauge "fins" to mark the jump height. The jump height is recorded as the highest fin displaced.
  • The jump must be completed from the original set up position with both feet flat on the ground and without taking a step or run up.

Success criteria

You must achieve a jump height of 30cm or higher and are allowed two (2) attempts only.

Test Tips

  • Avoid wearing clothing which may restrict your movement.
  • Use both your arms and legs to drive yourself as high as possible.
  • Land on both feet and use your legs to absorb your landing to avoid injury.

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