The hand grip strength test is designed to replicate the grip strength required to undertake officer survival and firearms training. The test is completed using a dynamometer which measures grip strength in kilograms.

Performing the test

  • Whilst facing the assessor, in one hand, grip, hold and squeeze the dynamometer as hard as you can until you are told to stop.
  • Repeat on the other hand.
  • The dynamometer must be held by the side throughout the test and cannot touch or rest against the body.

Success criteria

You must achieve a minimum 30kg on each hand and will be allowed two (2) attempts on each hand only.

Test tips

  • Ensure the grip is a comfortable size (the assessor will help with this).
  • Create equal tension across your upper body by clenching your other hand or squeezing your shirt.
  • Ensure your hands are dry, so your hands don't slip.
  • Performing towel hangs, pull ups and chin ups can assist in gaining grip strength.

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