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AC Corboy "We are particularly proud of our reputation across the world as a leader in police recruitment and education".

The NSW Police Force embraces the principle that a large and diverse community is best served by similar diversity, skills and experiences in the men and women recruited to police that community. To maintain the highest expectations of our police our recruiting process actively seeks out and encourages people who are truly representative of our modern society, culture and the demographics of those we serve.

The recruitment process is purposeful and comprehensive. It is vitally important that our police reflect and uphold the values of the NSW Police Force. To ensure our high standards are maintained, the selection of recruits is underpinned by a stringent Professional Suitability Policy and supported by procedures and review that enable the Police Force to select the best possible candidates based on merit, demonstrated behaviours and tested aptitude.

Our police officers have almost limitless opportunity to advance, specialise and increase their professional and personal reputations through the huge variety of policing duties and responsibilities across the State, but those opportunities only become accessible after a commitment to education, study, continued learning and modern training programs.

We are particularly proud of our reputation across the world as a leader in police recruitment and education. Our recruits are provided the most contemporary theoretical foundations and practical skills necessary to not only perform the inherent duties of a police constable, but to confidently accept the challenges faced each and every day by our police.

MJ Corboy APM
Assistant Commissioner

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DNA Sampling

From 2014 all NSW Police applicants will be required to supply a DNA sample as part of the Professional Suitability process.