Do you want us to send you application forms?

We now have an online service for firearms licence application forms. Simply fill in the online form and submit it by using the 'submit' button on the form. You will receive pre-printed application forms in the mail within 10 days. When you receive the pre-printed application forms, fill in the relevant sections and send them back with any supporting documents for processing.

NOTE: This is NOT a licence application form. This is a request for pre-printed application forms to be sent to you.

You cannot use this online form for renewal of a firearms licence.

  • Request for Firearms Licence Application Forms

Do you want to add a genuine reason or category to your current Firearms Licence?

To request pre-printed application forms to add a genuine reason or category to your current firearms licence please use the 'Request for Firearms Licence Application Forms' online form (link above). Within the online form you can select the request type 'Add a New Genuine Reason' or 'Add a New Category'.

Are you a minor?

If you are a minor (between 12 - 18 years of age) you cannot use the above form to obtain application forms. However, the following link will take you to the Minors Permit page where you can complete an interactive Minors Permit and Legitimate Reason form.