GLLO / LGBTIQ+ Liaison Officers and Region Advocates, Communities

There are currently six (6) Region Advocates and over 300 operational LGBTIQ+ Liaison Officer’s across the state.

LGBTIQ+ Liaison Officers, who are identifiable through a distinctive triangle badge worn on their uniform, work to build trust and confidence between the NSWPF and their local and broader LGBTIQ+ communities.

They receive specialist training, curated in consultation with external community stakeholders. They are provided tools and resources that enable them to identify current and historical issues, challenges and sensitivities experienced by members of the LGBTIQ+ community, especially when engaging with police.

LGBTIQ+ Liaison Officer’s undertake a range of duties including education within commands, community engagement, monitoring LGBTIQ+ related events, and assist investigators in LGBTIQ+ related prejudice motivated crime, domestic violence, and criminal matters.

Another aspect of their role is to champion LGBTIQ+ inclusion at work and provide support to LGBTIQ+ staff.

If a LGBTIQ+ Liaison Officer is unavailable, please do not wait to report crime, report it immediately to your local police and a request of follow up support or referral from a LGBTIQ+ Liaison Officer can be made.