Before approving a research application, the NSWPF will undertake a consultation process with internal and external stakeholders. This means that researchers should allow up to eight (8) weeks for the approval of a basic project that does not raise significant ethical issues or does not involve the allocation of funds or significant in-kind support.

Projects that raise significant ethical or privacy issues, have the potential to impact on operational activities, or require allocation of funds or a significant in-kind contribution by the NSWPF, may take some time to be considered and approved. Students undertaking honours degrees should approach the NSWPF regarding their projects no later than March in their honours year. Requests for all other undergraduate research will not be considered due to time constraints.

The following documents should be read before submitting the application to RAPP research team. Each document governs how the NSWPF conducts research (to be compliant with current best policies and practices). All researchers involved in any type of research project with the NSWPF must be compliant to the statements and codes outlined in the national documents linked below:

The application form required to conduct research with the NSWPF can be found below.

Research applications MUST include the following supplementary information

  1. The names and institutional affiliations of the principal researcher and other personnel involved with the project.
  2. Applicants undertaking honours, masters and PhD studies should state their university, school or faculty and provide contact details for their supervisor(s).
  3. Curriculum vitae or other information about the principal researcher that establishes their credentials to undertake the project in question.
  4. A summary of the project in plain language.
  5. Projects MUST be clearly linked to the corporate priorities set out in NSW Police Force Education and Training Strategic Priorities as set out above and may also reference the NSW Police Force Corporate Plan.
  6. A detailed overview of the research methodology, clearly indicating what access to NSWPF information or personnel is required and setting out timeframes for completion of each stage of the project.
  7. A statement outlining the value of the research to the NSWPF, as well as the scholarly and general communities.
  8. Where available, draft versions of interview, focus group or survey questions.
  9. A copy of the ethics committee application and approval if the project has progressed this far at time of application.
  10. If the project design involves interviews or focus groups, outline how many staff would be involved from which locations and for how long.
  11. If financial support is sought include a detailed outline of the planned expenditure. Researchers should note that the NSWPF will not generally fund the purchase of computers, software or pay for overseas travel.