The Digital Driver Licence is the electronic version of the NSW Driver Licence available on mobile devices via the Service NSW app.

Anti-fraud features will make DDL more secure than a physical licence, allowing it to be used as proof of age when entering pubs and clubs, and for roadside police checks.

Plastic licences will continue to be issued and customers that want to use DDL will be required to opt-in.

Trials of the Digital Driver Licence (DDL)


From May 2019, licence holders in postcodes 2640 and 2641 are eligible to participate in the Digital Driver Licence trial. During the trial, businesses that verify driver licences (checkers), as well as driver licence holders in the selected trial areas are invited to test the functionality of the Digital Driver Licence. The full statewide rollout is expected in the coming months.

Eastern Beaches

Since November 2018 more than 140,000 NSW drivers across Sydney’s Eastern Beaches region have been eligible to participate in a metro trial of the digital driver licence (DDL).

The Digital Driver Licence trial is an opportunity for participants to be the first to have the NSW Driver Licence on their smartphone and provide valuable input into its functionality prior to the statewide roll-out.

The Sydney Eastern Beaches trial for the Digital Driver Licence is available to licence holders living in the postcodes 2022, 2024, 2026, 2031 and 2034.

Licence holders are legally required to carry their card during the trial. To register for the trial drivers need to create a MyServiceNSW Account at

Extension of the Dubbo trial

In November 2018 the Dubbo trial was extended and the Digital Driver Licence is available to all licence holders in the following postcodes: 2818, 2820, 2821, 2822, 2830, 2868.

State wide rollout

The NSW Government will introduce the Digital Driver Licence (DDL) in the coming months.

For more information visit the Service NSW internet site: