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The UCWE is an enabling course. It provides foundational knowledge and skills for lifelong learning, as well as introducing students to legal and policing concepts and workplace skills.

Communication - is designed to build a student's knowledge and skills in communication competence in the workplace. The module offers an opportunity for students to develop self-awareness of their communication competence and to understand the importance of communication skills.

Guiding Communication Towards Positive Outcomes - introduces students to strategies for managing and resolving conflict in communication. There is a specific focus within the module of developing students' knowledge and skills to communicate with vulnerable people.

Legal Framework - is a module designed to develop a student's knowledge of government and law in Australia, how laws are made, the court system in New South Wales and the legislative structure of police powers.

Crime and Policing - introduces students to concepts of policing and legal structures encountered in everyday policing in New South Wales, e.g. police powers, duty of care and arrest.

Writing Documents - is a module designed to develop a student's knowledge and skills to create basic workplace communication documents e.g. reports, as well as how to reference using APA referencing principles.

Ethical Practices - introduces students to the concepts of personal and professional ethical principles and standards of ethical behaviour in the New South Wales Police Force.

Cultural Diversity - is designed to aid the development of a student's knowledge of a culturally diverse workplace. The module provides opportunity for a student to understand the importance of cultural awareness.

Leadership and Teamwork - is designed to aid the development of a student's understanding of leadership and teamwork and the qualities and attributes which define best practice leadership styles.

Workplace Practices and Obligations - is designed to introduce students to the workplace practices and obligations, governance policies and protocols in the workplace, which benefit PCBUs (persons conducting a business or undertaking) and workers. The module learning focuses on increasing the students' knowledge of their responsibilities in these areas.

Technology - is a module designed to develop a student's knowledge in the use of basic computer based technology and internet systems/programs, including Microsoft office suite and commonly used internet programs when communicating and searching for information.

Personal Resilience - is focused on developing a student's understanding of personal resilience. The module content is designed to develop a student's ability to recognise loss of resilience for themselves and others in the workplace. The strategies for building and maintaining resilience are a focus of the module and avenues for assistance are included in the module resources.

Safe Driving - is focused on building the knowledge of students to drive safely and recognise good and poor driving behaviour.

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