The NSW Police Academy is situated on 40 hectares of undulating land at Goulburn, in the southern highlands of New South Wales, approximately 200 kilometres from Sydney.

1 McDermott Drive, Goulburn, New South Wales 2580


Parking within the NSW Police Academy:Goulburn grounds is limited due to the large number of students, staff, other course participants and visitors.

Security personnel have the authority to notify all vehicle users of the need to park correctly or in the correct location. The procedures set out below are to be followed:

Residential Students

Students and course participants residing in the Academy's residences are required to park in the parking areas on the ring road and on the designated parking area behind the residences. The area is accessed via the driveway entry between the roadway and the fuel bowsers. Parking is not to continue past a line projected directly from the southern wall of Tower 8.  See the Police Academy Map

Any residential student found parking in either the non-residential (ie circular car park) or the staff parking areas will be directed to remove their vehicles. Roadways are not to be used as parking areas.

Students from time to time may be directed to park in alternate areas (ie on parade days).

Non-residential Students

Those students not residing at the Academy are required to park in the circular car park on the left hand side of the road leading to Building A.  See the Police Academy Map

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