Training Facilities

Driver Training

Police Driver Training (PDT) is part of the Operational Safety & Skills Command. Located in Goulburn, PDT is responsible for the driver training of all Police Officers in NSW, as well as administering the Safe Driver System and facilitating the implementation of the Safe Driving Policy.


Police driver training facilities include:

2.6km circuit – designed to reflect a public street environment.  The circuit is used to teach all courses correct application of vehicle balance and positioning at various speeds whilst proving a safe instructional environment.

Driver TrainingTechniques taught include:

  •  Road-craft & System of Car Control
  • Steering, braking and acceleration
  • Vision & hazard perception
  • Urgent duty and pursuit driving

Vehicle Manoeuvring Area- Used to teach and demonstrate correct techniques to be applied in vehicle manoeuvring. It aims to teach students the techniques required in slow speed manoeuvring in all vehicles through the correct use of both mirrors and pivot points.

Skid Pan - Used to physically demonstrate the types of skids that may be encountered whilst driving & how to correct them.  This allows students to observe the results of poor driving techniques. Students experience the sensations associated with various skids. The students can then demonstrate the corrections required for the various skids in a controlled environment (Not Used for Recruit Training).

Vehicles include - 12 x sedans, 5 x Cat B's, 5 x 4wd's, 6 x HWP sedans, 3 x Solo Cycles, 7 x Trail Bikes, 1 x coaster bus.

Operational Safety Training


Pistol Range

RangeThe Academy pistol range was built in 1986 at a cost of $2M. The range was constructed with an inner concrete barrier and clad in corrugated iron and curbed fibro sheeting. Safety features included an internal vacuum cleaning system to remove lead dust and a specially constructed lead waste bin at the rear baffle. The building has a soundproof control booth where the computerised control system can be operated. A Range Master controls the booth and instructs the students through a microphone and operates the computerised target tracks set at required distances. The pistol range has 6 lanes.


VirTraThe Police Academy boasts the most state of the art virtual reality training system for law enforcement (VirTra).  Officer presence, verbal skills, less lethal force options, and deadly force, are all available for simulation use.  The VirTra system is housed in a purpose built state of the art facility on the grounds of the Police Academy.

Simunition/Tactical Options

Simunition/Tactical Options training utilises specially designed Glock 17T training firearms designed to fire small non-lethal die marking projectiles, inert defensive sprays and soft batons in a realistic force-on-force environment.  The simunition building is a purpose built facility that can be configured into multiple layouts to replicate real life scenarios, providing an interactive learning environment for students.  The venue boasts a clear perspex ceiling to the second floor observation area.

Defensive Tactics

The Police Academy has several dedicated air conditioned defensive tactics training rooms, including  fully enclosed mat rooms, large dry fire and electronic control weapon (TASER) training rooms and a covered outdoor learning area.

Scenario Village

The scenario village was created to simulate real-life policing situations for both students and sworn officers.

Construction commenced in 1988 with the arrival of a transportable house no longer required by the Police Department. The roadways were soon constructed and sponsorship was sought from several companies. Both GIO and the TAB gave monetary donations and signage from premises being renovated. The development is ongoing with more sites being added as funds become available. 

VilliageThe village has been named "Rossiville" after Francis Nicholas Rossi, who was appointed the Police Superintendent for NSW in 1825. He introduced uniforms, official badges and firearms and raised the standard of discipline. As a result of his excellent work in capturing bushrangers, Rossi was given a parcel of 2560 acres of land at Goulburn that he called "Rossiville". He died in 1851 at the age of 75 and is buried in the Rossi vault in the old St Saviours Cemetery behind the Goulburn Gaol.

Other sites in the village have been named after convicted and transported First Fleet felons who were used to make up the first Australian Police Force called the "Night watch".

Fitness Training

The Health & Fitness Unit is responsible for teaching, assessing and devising the PT curriculum for each respective class and is located at the Police Academy.  The unit aims to build on the students current fitness ability and develop a positive attitude towards staying fit, staying healthy and becoming the best officer and person they could possibly be.

We provide training advice and support to all persons working and studying at the NSW Police Academy and to Police personnel from surrounding local area commands and regions.


Gym EquipGym

The Police Academy has a fitness centre on site. It includes cardio equipment such as treadmills and rowing machines. It also has a wide variety of machine weights and free weights. In the free weights room there are squat and bench racks. Qualified Physical Trainers at the gym are able to provide students with advice on training and nutrition upon request.

Running Track

On the perimeter of the Academy grounds is a gravel running track that runs between the accommodation towers and the Wollondilly River. It is a track for students to run along in their own time and is also used for PT classes.

There is also a 60 metre synthetic running track with 20 metre markings where all PT testing and interval training is conducted. When not in use for PT classes it is available for students to use.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outdoor Training Equipment

Located around different areas around the Academy and the gravel running track is outdoor exercise equipment such as parallel bars, chin up bars and step up and sit up benches for body weight strength exercises.  These are available for use by students at any time.

For other recreational activities there is a tennis court and bikes available for hire.

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