Physical Training

Fitness as a Policing Student

Build on your fitness levels

Physical fitness is important and contributes to officer safety training, minimises injury, will contribute to passing our Police Academy fitness assessments and significantly contribute to coping with the rigours of police work.

Policing students are assessed on their physical fitness during Session 1 and Session 2.  Online students are also assessed during their face to face sessions at the Police Academy.

Policing students undertake 1 mandatory physical training session per week.  The supervised PT sessions are not designed to get you fit, so make sure you build on your recruitment levels.

To progress in the ADPP, policing students are assessed on two (2) separate occasions with physical fitness.  The first assessment is conduct during Session 1, students must pass our assessments to progress from Session 1 into Session 2.  The second assessment is conducted during Session 2. 

Detailed information can be found on the Fitness page.

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