Weapons and Tactics Training Unit

The Weapons and Tactics Training Unit is responsible for instruction, assessment and curriculum development in respect of Operational Safety and Tactics.  This is a skill based subject, which forms part of the Constable Education Program and covers the physical aspects of the Associate Degree in Policing Practice. All activities are conducted in collaboration with Charles Sturt University and the Operational Safety and Skills Command located at Wetherill Park.  Students are trained in the use of the following tactics, Arms and Appointments.

Weapon-less Control

Students are introduced to basic operational safety skills and must be able to apply defensive and restraining tactics appropriately.  They will be required to demonstrate effective communication skills and operational tactics in a simulated initial response situation, while also demonstrating a professional and ethical understanding of legal use of force.

Batons, Handcuffs, Oleoresin Capsicum Spray (OC)

Students will be introduced to appointments currently on issue to all NSW Police Force Officers. They are expected to develop appropriate skills in the use of Batons, Handcuffs and Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Defensive Spray.  Students will demonstrate their skills in these areas to the standard required by the NSW Police Force and display correct judgement in the ethical and legal use of force. 

Conducted Electronic Weapon (CEW – Taser)

Students will be introduced to the current in service Conducted Electronic Weapon (CEW), as part of Arms and Appointments used by uniformed operational response police. Students must demonstrate safe handling and correct judgement in the ethical and legal use of force, in accordance with NSW Police Force policy. 


Students will be introduced to the Glock 22 service pistol.  Students must be able to demonstrate positive weapons handling, marksmanship and a detailed understanding of the justifiable use of the firearm in accordance with NSW Police Force policy.    

Operational Safety Tactics - Buildings, Persons and Vehicles

Students are introduced to operational safety tactics, particularly in relation to initial response and confrontational situations. They will develop their knowledge and skill in relation to searching and securing of buildings, persons and vehicles. 

Dynamic Simunition & Tactical Options Training

This area of the curriculum provides an opportunity for students to test their officer survival and tactics skills in a simulated operational environment. This area of the curriculum is called Tactical Options and Simunition Training. The students are presented with scenarios which integrate judgement, tactical options, communication and appropriate use of force options.

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