Cost of Study

The cost of study for the ADPP is for each equivalent 8-point subject. Rates and income thresholds quoted are as at 2021 and are subject to annual review.

Do you know you can defer your fees?

FEEā€‘HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible fee-paying students pay all or part of their tuition fees. It cannot be used for additional study costs such as accommodation or text books. If you elect to defer your fees this will be carried over to the end of the ADPP course structure (Session 5).

Do you know you that you may be able to claim a tax refund for self-education expenses whilst studying session 3, 4 and 5 of the ADPP?

Self-education expenses are deductible when the course you undertake leads to a formal qualification and meets certain conditions.

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Is there a loan fee?

Yes, there is a loan fee for the ADPP if you choose to defer. If you prefer to pay upfront that option is available.

What are the fees?

2022 Fees

Undergraduate Full TimeSubject Point ValueDeferred (includes 25% C'wlth loan fee)Upfront
Session 1 40 $7,200.00 $5,760.00
Session 2 36 $6,480.00 $5,184.00
Undergraduate Part TimeSubject Point ValueDeferred (includes 25% C'wlth loan fee)Upfront
Session 1A 20 $3,600.00 $2,880.00
Session 1B 20 $3,600.00 $2,880.00
Undergraduate Year 2 Part Time Subject Point Value Deferred (includes 25% C'wlth loan fee)Upfront
Session 3 12 $2,160.00 $1,728.00
Session 4 16 $2,880.00 $2,304.00
Session 5 16 $2,880.00 $2,304.00

*These figures are valid as of October 2021 and are subject to change.

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

The SSAF is $38 per 8 point subject, with a maximum annual fee amount capped at $304 per student. Fees are indexed and may increase each calendar year.

Visit the SSAF information page for more information.

Am I able to obtain sources of income while studying the ADPP?

  • Study Allowances
    Full-time students may be entitled to receive Youth Allowance (for those under the age of 25), AUSTUDY (for those 25 years or older), or ABSTUDY for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students. These payments are subject to income and assets tests. If you are dependent on your parents, a parental means test will apply for the Youth Allowance. Application forms and guidelines are available from your local Centrelink office or call 131 021. Visit the Centrelink web site.
  • Accommodation and Meal Allowance
    A $100 per week Accommodation and Meal Allowance is paid to Campus Management to cover the costs of your meals and accommodation while living and studying on campus. If you choose to live off campus, the $100 per week allowance can be paid directly to your nominated bank account.

What should I expect in terms of other expenses while studying the ADPP?

When calculating your expenses, include the following items that are commonly overlooked (You must be able to meet these costs yourself, as financial assistance is not normally available for these expenses):

  • Study related expenses:
    (excluding textbooks, mentioned above) photocopying, printing material from computer labs, internet charges, stationery, etc. Allow about $10 per fortnight.
  • Laptop / tablet: study materials are provided online, so you will need a laptop or tablet. Refer to FAQs on this website for more information.
  • Travel costs
    Do you run a car? In addition to petrol, don't forget registration, insurance and repairs. Will you travel between your home and the Academy on weekends (when this option is available)? How much will this cost in petrol and/or fares?
  • Maintaining your normal place of residence and family costs
    While you are staying at the Academy (if applicable) your normal residence expenses must be considered, e.g. mortgage or rent, bills, rates, etc.
  • Health insurance
    A significant part of your studies will be spent achieving the required fitness level for entry into the NSW Police Force. It is recommended that all students obtain ambulance cover in the event you are injured significantly enough to require an ambulance or you are injured outside health services business hours and require medical assistance.
  • Entertainment
    the cost of participating in organised sports, occasional movies, nights out, entertainment, etc.
  • Other personal items
    haircuts, hygiene products, clothing, phone calls, etc.

Before accepting an offer, you should give careful consideration to your financial situation. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in a position to complete your ADPP studies.

If you undertake the course without adequate financial support, you may need to withdraw. In such a case, you would be responsible for any costs incurred during your incomplete period of study. In order to determine your financial capacity to undertake the ADPP, please use the information provided about income and expenses to help you budget.

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