Re-Appointment Program

Re-Appointment of former NSWPF Members.

There are now two avenues for former NSWPF officers who meet the eligibility criteria to return to duty within the NSWPF.

  1. General Re-Appointment application. (Maximum of Senior Constable Level 6)
  2. Seek a Direct Re-appointment to the rank of Sergeant.

All general and directly re-appointed officers MUST meet the current NSWPF Recruitment standards, including background checks, employment vetting, IAPRO, previous NSWPF performance/Conduct, driving/licence, fitness, Psychometric and Medical standards.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered eligible under either pathway, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Minimum length of service

Generally, applicants are required to have served a minimum three years full time with the NSWPF to be considered eligible.

Length of time the officer has been separated from the NSWPF.

Generally, former officers who have been separated for more than 3 years (irrespective of date of exit) will not be considered.

Reason for exit

Former officers who were removed from the NSWPF under s 181D of the Police Act 1990, on the grounds of ‘loss of Commissioner’s confidence’ will not be considered eligible for re-appointment within the NSW Police Force.

Former officers who have previously been subject to serious disciplinary action will also generally not be considered eligible.

Former officers who resigned from the NSWPF in circumstances of a pending internal investigation and/or imminent disciplinary action will generally not be considered eligible for re-appointment.

1. General Re-appointment Application Process

Applicants will be required to lodge an application for Re-appointment.

Apply Now

Applicants may, depending upon previous experience and specialist qualifications, seek placement into specialist areas. These applicants will be assessed on a case by case basis and will be dependent upon organisational needs and vacancies.  Applicants will be required to obtain support from the Commander of the specialist area in which they are seeking to undertake their probation period.

Re-Appointment Training Program:

Applicants will be required to enrol in and successfully complete the Re-appointment Training Program, consisting of an online CSU course that must be completed within an 8 week period. All costs associated with the Re-appointment/Refresher Training Program $1658 (fee waived during the Covid-19 emergency) and medical ($454.74) are to be borne by the applicant.


Placement at desirable locations is unlikely, this includes coastal Regions North & South of Sydney and the Queanbeyan area.  Placement will be allocated based upon the needs of the NSW Police Force.

Probationary Period

Successful applicants will be subject of a 12 month Probation Period. The rate of remuneration will be based on an assessment of prior service up to a maximum of Senior Constable Level 6 (only completed years of service will be counted). Upon confirmation officers will return to their former rank up to a maximum of Senior Constable Level 6.


A general tenure period of three years applies from placement of the re-appointed officer in a PAC/PD. Any other individual variance of the tenure period will be based on organisational circumstances and needs as determined by the Assistant Commissioner, Human Resources (or delegate).

Designations and Qualifications

Generally, designations and qualifications will be re-instated subject to a review which will consider recency and experience.

2. Direct Re-appointment to the rank of Sergeant

Former NSWPF officers who held the rank of Sergeant and seek to be considered for direct re-appointment to an available vacancy at the rank of Sergenat may make a written application to the Commander Human Resources Command NSW Police Force.  This application should outline the circumstance that warrant consideration of the direct re-appointment.

Unsucessful applicants may lodge a general re-appointment application for the rank of Constable and meet the current NSW Police Force recruitment standards.

For any further enquiries please contact the re-appointment officer on 1800 222 122.
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