General Duties

And my first year as a Probationary Constable

GD-MDTDuring your first year as a probationary constable in general duties policing you will be working with experienced police officers who will assist you in applying everything you've learnt at the NSW Police Force Academy to real life policing situations.  These officers also work with the Education Development Officers (EDO's) to assist probationary constables with all aspects of their work and study.

As a probationary constable engaged in general duties policing you can expect to be exposed to a wide range of jobs including; 

  • Domestic issues
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Armed robberies
  • Stealing offences
  • Serious assaults
  • Deceased persons and many other incidents

As a probationary constable, you will be partnered with a Field Training and Assessment Officer (FTAO) for the first couple of months.  The FTAO will be your 'shadow' and will guide and assist you through everyday jobs and follow-up jobs.  An FTAO has undertaken a specific training course and is well aware of the study requirements of a probationary constable.

GD-VideoAs a member of a Police Area Command (PAC) you will be part of a team comprising many different roles,ranks and positions. A Police Area Command is under the control of a Police Area Commander, who holds the rank of Superintendent.  The PAC is supported by Duty Officers (Inspectors) who manage station issues and Team Leaders (Sergeants) who form the mobile supervisory patrols.

In addition there are the 'front-line' police officers who work the general duties truck with back up from various other police units such as the bicycle squad, plain clothes police, highway patrol, etc.

Note: New recruits are required to complete a 3 year tenure in General Duties prior to applying for transfer to another location or specialist role.

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DNA Sampling

From 2014 all NSW Police applicants will be required to supply a DNA sample as part of the Professional Suitability process.