Coronavirus Information for Applicants

Information Sessions and Public Events

In response to the current restrictions and guidelines imposed due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak the NSW Police Force has cancelled all non-essential information sessions, public events and practice testing sessions until further notice.

Physical Capacity and Psychometric Testing

Physical Capacity Testing (PCT) and Psychometric testing is considered an essential function of the NSW Police and as such will continue until further notice.

The  Recruitment Branch is taking every precaution to ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained at physical fitness and psychometric testing venues in line with NSW Health recommended guidelines.  Applicants will be required to practice social distancing at all times and will be strictly monitored by recruitment staff.

Applicants who present on the day that are displaying a fever or presenting with symptoms consistent with Coronavirus will be turned away from the venue at the discretion of testing staff.

Any applicant who is feeling unwell or may be experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus are encouraged to seek medical advice and should contact their case manager at the earliest possible convenience.

Note:  Applicants are now required to bring a towel and hand sanitiser for their own personal use on testing days.

Aquatic Rescue Sequence (Swimming) changes

Due to the closure of public swimming pools in response to COVID -19 the need for applicants to supply an Aquatic Rescue Sequence certificate has been suspended for the time being. In its place applicants will be required to supply a statutory declaration declaring that they can in fact swim 100m without assistance.

Prior to attestation from the NSWPF Academy, applicants WILL be required to undergo the Aquatic Rescue Sequence as soon as restrictions are lifted.

WARNING:  IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE TO MAKE A FALSE STATUTORY DECLARATION.  Any applicant/student who is found out submitting a false declaration will have their professional suitability removed and may be criminally investigated.

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