Push Up Test

The push up test is designed to test an applicants upper body strength and endurance.  It is an important aspect of firearms and officer survival training.

Applicants may complete the push up test from their knees or their toes.  Once the test has commenced applicants cannot change their preference or restart the test.  Prior to the test applicants will be shown a demonstration of the required form and will have their form assessed which may be corrected by the assessor.

Applicants will first lay flat on the ground with their hands by their shoulders and their feet together.   The applicant then pushes up from the ground straightening the arms with the back straight and the feet together.  The applicant then lowers the body until the elbows are at 90 degrees (90º)  and then extend the arms to return to the start position.

Applicants will continue with this action without stopping and under the timing of the test assessor.  Applicants who are unable to complete a push up or display poor form will be stopped from completing the test.

Applicants must complete 25 push up's and will be allowed one attempt only.

Tips for completing the test:PCT Push Up
  • Set up with your feet close together, hands shoulder width apart and your back straight.
  • If doing push up's from the knees, ensure your feet are crossed and your back is straight.
  • Lock the elbows when at the top of the push up.
  • Use slow controlled movements and keep in time with the assessors cadence.
  • Train to do more than the required 25 push up's.
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