Handgrip Test

The hand grip strength test is designed to replicate the grip strength required to undertake officer survival and firearms training.  The test is completed using a dynamometer which measures grip strength in kilograms.

Applicants will be asked to grip the dynamometer firstly with their right hand facing the test assessor. Only the test assessor will make adjustments to the dynamometer if required. Applicants will be asked to squeeze the dynamometer as hard as possible until told to stop by the test assessor. The test is then repeated on the left hand.  The dynamometer must be held by the side throughout the test and cannot touch or rest against the body.

Applicants must achieve a minimum 30kg on each hand and will be allowed two (2) attempts on each hand only.

Tips for completing the test:PCT Hand Grip Orig
  • Ensure the grip is a comfortable size (the assessor will help with this).
  • Create equal tension across your upper body by clenching your other hand or squeezing your shirt.
  • Squeeze as hard as you can until you are told to stop.
  • Ensure your hands are dry, so your hands don't slip.
  • Towel hangs, pull up's and chin up's can assist in gaining grip strength

See 'Training for the Tests' for detailed hand grip training tips'

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