Physical Capacity Testing

Applicants to the NSW Police Force who have successfully progressed to Stage 5 of the recruitment process will be required to undertake Physical Capacity Testing. The tests are designed to replicate the physical stresses encountered during training at the Police Academy and whilst performing the inherent roles of an operational Police officer.

Health Clearance

Prior to testing you will be provided with a Physical Capacity testing kit to take to your General Practitioner (GP) to complete. The GP will assess your capacity to undertake the physical capacity testing and certify your fitness to undertake maximal exercise. This certification will only be valid for a limited time from the date of the GP assessment.

Selected applicants will be notified when they are eligible to undertake this assessment.

Applicants are not able to undertake a health clearance until notified by the Police Recruitment Branch.

Applicants are required to meet the cost of this health clearance.

The Testing

Once we receive your General Practitioner clearance you will be notified by the Recruitment Branch to attend a physical capacity testing day.  Be prepared to undertake the test at any time from the commencement of your application.

We are currently developing opportunities for the physical capacity assessments to occur at selected regional centres for applicants residing in regional locations.

Applicants will be given two (2) opportunities to attend and successfully complete all elements.

The tests are:

Physical Capacity Test Standards
 HandgripProne BridgeVertical JumpPush Up'sIllinois AgilityMulti-stage Fitness
Minimum Standard30kg on each hand90 seconds30cm or greater2520 seconds or lessLevel 7.1
Attempts Allowed212121
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