Police Entrance Exam

Candidates can undertake the NSW Police Entrance exam before submitting an application to the NSW Police Force. This option gives candidates the opportunity to complete one of the mandatory recruitment elements and be a step ahead once they lodge their application.  

Candidates are encouraged to complete the Police Entrance exam early in the recruitment process to avoid any delays in processing their application.

The NSW Police Force will accept entrance examination results for five (5) years after a candidate completes the tests. ACER will provides examination results directly to the recruitment branch so there is no requirement for candidates to provide results to the NSW Police Force. 

ACERThe exam is administered by an external provider ACER and costs $155.00 (GST inc).  All costs associated with the exam will be the responsibility of the applicant.

The exam is comprised of five (5) assessed elements:
  • Literacy Skills (reading)
  • Summary Writing
  • Extended Writing
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning

Sample questions are available on the NSW Police ACER web page.

If successful your results will be weighted and this will form part of your overall professional suitability ranking.

ACER provides testing centres at the following Sydney Metropolitan and Regional locations:

Sydney Metropolitan:
  • Alexandria
  • Granville
  • Liverpool
NSW Regional:
  • Dubbo
  • Newcastle
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Wagga Wagga

Further information relating to the exam is available on the NSW Police ACER web page.

ACER has a dedicated telephone number and email address for all candidate queries.  They are:

Telephone: 1800 794 911
Email:  nswpolice@acer.edu.au

Web:  https://nswpolice.acer.edu.au

Note:  Applicants are reminded that personal information provided to the NSW Police Force will be retained by ACER in accordance with the applicants Professional Suitability Declaration and Consent.
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